Welcome To Salty Dogs Beard Co.

Artisanal Crafted Beard Products

Our Story is simple, We want to create the best luxury beard products on the market at an affordable price. We use all natural, organic and unrefined ingredients in our products. We only use the best ingredients from All over the Country and The UK

The Ranger Beard Balm

Our new product The Ranger is an all organic beard balm with the soul purpose of keeping those fly away’s tamed and your beard looking perfect and healthy throughout the day. It will protect your man mane from the elements.

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“EDC” Beard Oil

Everyday Carry or “EDC” is a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on person every day, like a watch, pen, wallet or your favorite bottle of beard oil. All Natural Essential beard oil, Let the scent of Sweet Orange and Cedarwood coat your man mane, keeping your face and beard soft as silk.

Liquid Gold Beard Oil

Salty Dogs Beard Co Liquid Gold is a delicate scent of Cedarwood, Frankincense, Pine and Tea Tree. Why Be a commoner when you can be a King, or at least smell like one.

Stallion Beard Oil

The Scent that will make any beardless man jealous and any bearded man envious and all the ladies swoon. As the air fills with Lemongrass, Pine and Tea Tree. Not even Rocky will stand a chance with this Knockout.

Beard Wash

Salty Dogs Beard Co. Beard Wash, contains all natural ingredients, no Chemicals or artificial coloring. We designed the Wash For the purpose of keeping your beard and face hydrated, while cleaning and removing excess oil and dirt.

Original Beard Oil

Salty Dogs Beard Co. Original is a Unscented Version of our amazing Beard Oil. We decided to do a Unscented version for the Men who want to use their own Cologne for their smell, while still being able to use the best beard oil available.